By jude • Music, Uncategorized • 9 Jul 2012

I still can’t believe this is the last issue of The Word Magazine. It’s where I started out, just over nine years ago. It’s the magazine that gave this geeky London fanzine editor a chance, and then a part-time job that genuinely, absolutely changed my life. My first day at Word was probably the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me at that point, if not still…I couldn’t believe I was in this wonderful, shambolic office, just as I’d expected it to be, full of jiffy bags, CDs, chocolate biscuits and cold tea, with the people whose magazines I’d grown up with (look, it’s Andrew Harrison from Select! Paul Du Noyer from Mojo! Mark Ellen from my Smash Hits yearbook!) and fallen in love with.

And now it’s gone. And I know it sounds OTT, but I’m still bloody heartbroken.

But here is the final issue, and what I’ve read of it so far is absolutely wonderful – Rob Fitzpatrick with The Cure, Paul Du Noyer with Cilla Black, a leaving letter from Mark which is incredibly moving.

And I interview Martin Amis in it too…and the people I’ve been lucky enough to interview for this particular slot, the Word To The Wise slot, have provided me with some of my most memorable and lucky moments in my ‘career’ so far…locking horns with Ben Goldacre, taking tea with Tony Benn, getting autographs for Aunty Velma with Tony Bennett, four hours of wonder with Molly Parkin in the World’s End…and now half an hour with Marty in the BBC, where, of course, I get him to talk about Swansea.

I’ll miss you so much, The Word, and so much more as a reader than as a writer. Thanks for bloody everything. xx

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