By jude • • 19 Feb 2010

I regularly write features about music and films, and also write for women’s magazines and political weeklies. Here’s a handful of recent pieces, and some old-timers.

Guess what I did? I got married the same day as bloody William and Kate, and wrote about it all in The Guardian.

Three meaty musical questions. Firstly, where have all the pop tribes gone? Secondly, are there are any angry women left in rock? Thirdly, should your favourite band split up?

Be prepared: here’s a history of public information films, and why they still frighten us.

Do pop stars sing differently in the 21st century? How the X-Factor, the resurgence of the regional accent, and the ambush of Autotune, changed everything.

Do men really still carry flaming tar barrels on their heads in Devon? Yes, they do: and here’s the amazing set of British films that proves it.

Here I am interviewing a brand new band called the xx. Eighteen months and a Mercury prize later, we meet again.

Attention, class! This is what it’s like to have taught someone who went on to be a pop star.

How did the Arctic Monkeys change indie? Let me tell you.

Two folky adventures: how Bagpuss owes everything to traditional music, and how I became a ballad singer.

A few end-of-2009 pieces… an end-of-decade analysis of what happened when reality TV took over pop (including an interview with Simon Cowell); and why the Noughties was the decade of the cover version.

And some personal pieces… how the return of Blur and Blair in 2009 made me look again at my teenage hopes and dreams about politics and music; a personal story about my obsession with the pop charts, and how it brought a sad story from the past back to life; and an intellectual take on the boy band phenomenon from a girl who lived the dream – yes it’s me – see page 34.

And finally, here’s all my music columns from my two-year reign at The Guardian – although if want an opinion to order, give Tony Parsons a ring.

For anything else, you can email me here.