Other projects…

By jude • • 19 Feb 2010

Recently, I’ve recorded two radio shows for Domino Records, documenting my life in songs, from Abba’s Super Trouper to Colleen’s Summer Water. They’re available to stream here.

My friend Ian Wade and I run a tumblr called My Band T-Shirt, where people share with us their memories of – well, I never – their band t-shirts. New entries are encouraged, and you can email us here.

Then there’s the magazine that got me into this business in the first place, Smoke: A London Peculiar, a quarterly love letter to London that I set up with Matt Haynes in 2003. We’re currently is on mid-term hiatus, but will re-emerging soon: find out more on our revamped website.

As well as regularly poking my nose into The Guardian Music team’s weekly podcast, I am also a proud member of The Other Woman audio-gang. A regular podcast of female-fronted music, led by Ruth Barnes and Piney Gir, you can follow Ruth’s fantastic blog here. I contribute to a slot called Lost Dames, in which I have sung the praises of Lesley Duncan, Virna Lindt and Cristina.

And then, over at Caught By The River last year, I wrote a column called Lines Made By Walking, named after the wonderful nature artist Richard Long. My new column for the site, Vanishing Points, begins soon.

In the last 50 days of the last decade, I wrote a blog about the 50 songs that had made those ten years special for me. It was called – strangely enough – 50 Songs, 10 Years and a big publisher nearly let me do something else with it before a Waterstones’ sales rep scared him off. Bad Waterstones.

And finally, I teach journalism at London Metropolitan University, convening an arts journalism module for third years, as well as teaching on News Editing and Production and Journalistic Practices classes. Any more for any more? Email me here. And no slacking, kids!